Gut gemacht, Frau Lüders! schreibt: “Scharfe Kritik am Nationalen Aktionsplan gegen Homo- und Transphobie”* Dazu fällt mir ein … Wusste jemand von Euch, dass die Antidiskriminierungsstelle (ADS) der Bundesregierung 2017 zum “Glei­ches Recht für je­de Lie­be… Continue reading

Say No to “Pride”: K*CSD.

“K*csd: No XCSD, No Problem – Make Queer a Threat Again …” is the motto of this year’s ad hoc Queer Rally on June 24 2017 at Mariannenplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg. What threat we pose… Continue reading


“Wie Wollen Wir Leben” Das in Berlin, 2010 gegründete Institut Solidarische Moderne stellt diese Frage,”Wie Wollen Wir Leben” als Einstieg in einen Ideenaustausch, die eigentlich die Frage stellt: “Wie ein Phänomen entstehen kann,… Continue reading

Pembe Hayat – KuirFest

Ankara’s Pink Life Queer Fest visits Berlin Guest curation from Pink Life Queer Fest / Pembe Hayat KuirFest (Turkey) and discussion with Gizem Bayiksel Summer Special: Xart Splitta Film Series (program info) Location:… Continue reading


#klangberlins Folge 1 – Currywurst #klangberlins – die Hommage an Berlin vom Konzerthausorchester Berlin Idee: Konzerthaus Berlin Regie: Boris Seewald Komponisten: Michael Edwards & Christian Tschuggnall Tonmeister: Philipp Nedel Director of Photography: Christoph… Continue reading

Block the Identitarian March in Berlin 17th June ’17!

Come help block this anti-feminist, racist, misguided spectacle! 12:00 o’clock on June 17th – Rallying point to be announced on

Kreuzberg CSD is Parada Równości, Warsaw 2017

News Flash! This just in – Sat. 24th June 2017 12:00h, Ralley: Say No to “Pride”: K*CSD. at Mariannenplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg! Parada Równości (Eng.: Equality Parade) 03 June 2017 in Warsaw. Since Kreuzberg… Continue reading


Plac Bohaterów Getta [Ghetto Heroes Square] Plac Zgody [Concord Square] in Krakow was renamed in 2005 after having been remodelled by the architect David Bravo Bordas and equipped with an art installation by… Continue reading

i might simply drift past you… a hiccup in purple… a careless cocksuck with no contact info… memory without name.

Originally posted on holdmyhairback:
The mastermind mixed media social practicer is someone else’s drag, not mine. What happens tonight is exactly the same as what I do at Get Fucked with Olympia… or…


//Broken Motor – SONICONOCLASM Nifty, Berlin communications designers doing music and images. Dark and compelling.Why does it remind me of Billy Joel, “We Didn’t Start the Fire” or R.E.M., “It’s the End of… Continue reading