Just for fun 2

Piv – Rinat Bar (Uriel Yekutiel – Eliad Cohen – Arisa) ’cause all work and no play. You know the saying. Rinat Bar (Uriel Yekutiel – Eliad Cohen – Arisa): “Piv” (video by… Continue reading

Shelby Street

It’s like the 3rd world on Shelby Street place making and socially engaged art in the name of better neighborhoods Dr. Monday: “It’s like the 3rd world on Shelby Street: Art & neo-colonialism… Continue reading

Zur Sache! Was die AfD wirklich will

"Zur Sache! Was die AfD wirklich will" lautet der Titel einer von der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung heraus gebrachte Zusammenfassung und Erläuterung des aktuellen AfD Parteiprogramms. Weiterdenken – Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Sachsen e.V.: Zur Sache! Was die AfD… Continue reading

Röszke 11

Flipping through my newsletters today and came across this. Well documented and well written – a good sign (and a nice change) for the movement! Introduction from Free the Röszke 11 Zine (March… Continue reading

Poor Germany (Armes Deutschland).

We just cannot afford to do more! This explains why we cannot accept more refugees, why we need tuition fees at our universities, why our schools are falling into disrepair, and why the… Continue reading


Diamanda Galás sings “la LLorona” Diamanda Galás was a recent discovery for me, though she has been well known for decades. Her many faceted voice and interpretive richness fascinate me, and her biography… Continue reading

Bitch nursing pups in a Nigerian village

Fascinating! The bitch resembles many African “primitive types” (cynological classification). She is reminiscent of Basenji, Azawakh hound, Pharao hound, Sloughis, etc. Thanks for the great clip Juju Film! Village dog nursing her puppies… Continue reading

if this were Aleppo …

If Berlin were Aleppo Wenn Berlin so zerstört würde wie Aleppo zerstört worden ist (If Berlin were as heavily damaged as Aleppo) sähen wir so aus aleppo (2015), Hans Hack. CC BY-SA. hanshack.com/aleppo/#berlin.… Continue reading

Klag the Hate away!

Eine Reaktion auf die Enttäuschung¹ über die abgelehnte Volksverhetzungsklage² wegen des angeblichen Schmähwortes “LGBTTIQ-Sex-Lobby” Kann man/frau die Meinung von Frau Beverfoerde und deren Freund*innen gerichtlich bekämpfen? – English below – Ich spreche hier… Continue reading

Hierophonie V

Yoshihisa Taïra, Hierophonie V. Les Percussions de Strasbourg & Eddy Ekete. Yoshihisa Taïra is Japanese-born, 20th Century French composer and student of one of my big favs Olivier Messiaen. Taïra’s works often combine… Continue reading