Legend of Giants, Natalia Rak

Natalia Rak, Legend of Giants (pol.: “Legenda o wielkoludach”) 2013. Polish street artist, Natalia Rak, created this piece entitled, The Legend of Giants, a young girl in traditional Polish garb, watering a local… Continue reading

Offener Brief an Pres. Putin

Jochen Scholz, Oberstleutnant a.D.: Offener Brief an Putin und Russland, 06 April 2014 Cited below is an open letter by German Lieutenant Colonel Jochen Scholz to President Putin, published recently in the Neue… Continue reading

Prinessinnen Gärten

Prinzessinnen Gärten an Aerial View An urban gardening projeckt in Berlin - Kreuzberg Urban gardening is not really a new idea. In fact it is thousands of years old. However in light of… Continue reading

in memoriam Laclau

in memoriam Ernesto Laclau, 6 October 1935 – 13 April 2014 Ernesto Laclau, historian and political theorist passed away yesterday, 13 April 2014 in Seville, Spain. He is best known for his co-authorship… Continue reading

“Das Zweite Gesicht” – Peter Fox,

“Das Zweite Gesich” – Peter Fox, From the Album: “Stadtaffe”, Published by: Downbeat Records, Date: 26. September 2008 I was nuts about his “Schwarz zu Blau”, and the video with all the great… Continue reading

“Weil wir Berlin lieben”

Originally posted on Exportabel:
tikerscherk, Betreiberin des blogs kreuzbergsüdost, hat mich kürzlich auf den Berliner Makler Ziegert aufmerksam gemacht, der Luxusimmobilien vertreibt. Er selbst nennt seine Firma Immobilienconsulting, klingt besser. Kurzes googeln führte…

Snowden vor den NSA-Untersuchungsausschuss?

Reaktion auf Leserkommentare und ein Artikel* auf sueddeutsche.de sowie auf Facebook Edward Snowden, der unheimliche Zeuge, Von John Goetz, Georg Mascolo und Hans Leyendecker. Und wenn der Mann hier unsere Neugier gestillt hat,… Continue reading

Russian strategic concerns in the Ukraine conflict.

Russia and Ukraine: military-strategic options, and possible risks, for Moscow,  Johan Norberg & Fredrik Westerlund: “In conclusion, there are military-strategic reasons for Russia not committing additional forces to an extended operation in Ukraine.… Continue reading

Introductions – Anja Matko

What Anja Matko seems to be saying about restriction, vulnerablility and de-/repression in a very easy to read and palpable style really holds my attention. It makes me want to learn to speak… Continue reading


Sending our dreams down the road. – Out on an April afternoon, Murmel and i, blowing bubbles to the wind. – * EXIF: Olympus E-510, 119 mm, ISO 400, F5.6, 1/80 Sec, 5200K. Digital Remastering:… Continue reading