Some thoughts on “Marriage Equality” on the eve of a ruling to repeal a Michican, USA ban on “Gay Marriage”.

“Equality”? – give us, justice, health care & treatment, equal pay for equal work, less racism, no more more “pink washing”, less gentrification, access to basic services, less privatization, an alternative to the… Continue reading

David Bollier, “The Commons as a Template for Transformation”

David Bollier’s essay “The Commons as a Template for Transformation” gives a good general overview of the visions and challenges of the idea of “commons” in grappling with the contemporary phenomenon of the… Continue reading

Germknödel / Steamed Dumpling

Uploaded a new recipe today: “Germknödel / Steamed dumplings is an Austrian, Bohemian and German specialty, that is a popular dessert all over the region. Served with vanilla sauce and sprinkled with powdered sugar and ground… Continue reading

Feral Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera) in bloom

The Cherry Plum Prunus cerasifera are blooming! –will make for some lovely jam, or just plain– Blossoms – Cherry Plum, Prunus cerasifera. The feral cherry plum bush is just finishing blooming. The fruit… Continue reading

Jing Liu, JING JING & JING, 静 净 境

Liu Jing JING JING & JING 静 净 境 contemporary ink wash painting duration of the exhibit: 08.02.2014 – 05.04.2014 Tues through Fri 10–18 Galerie Bergwasser Grohlmannstr. 16/16a 10623 Berlin T: (49) 30-91497030… Continue reading

Urban Argriculture and Special Administrative Regions in Cuba

Alexa van Sickle: Cuba and food security “Of the series of economic reforms that Raul Castro has implemented since assuming the leadership – many of them incremental – the agricultural sector has perhaps… Continue reading

Hazel & Cornelian Cherry in bloom

The Hazel and the Cornelian Cherry are blooming! –will make for some lovely jam, and cakes– Male catkins – Common Hazel, Corylus avellana (left). Blossom – Cornelian Cherry, Cornus mas (right). I’ll have… Continue reading

Recipe for Sorrel Soup

Uploaded a new recipe today: Sorrell Soup. An age old German recipe for cooking wild greens. Gathering sorrel (Rumex acetosa) leaves is an annual ritual. The leaves can be eaten raw, though i hesitate to serve them due… Continue reading

One, two, three. One, two, three.

One of my favorite places in Berlin, the Weshafen was built in the Twenties of the past century. Located in the immigrant, and proletarian neighborhood of Moabit, it is the city’s largest inland… Continue reading

Cupcake, a friend.

A friend and i made portraits several weeks ago. –here are the results– To my friend, whom i call “Cupcake,” Thank you for your time, your beauty, your patience, and for being a… Continue reading