Introductions – Anja Matko

What Anja Matko seems to be saying about restriction, vulnerablility and de-/repression in a very easy to read and palpable style really holds my attention. It makes me want to learn to speak… Continue reading


Sending our dreams down the road. – Out on an April afternoon, Murmel and i, blowing bubbles to the wind. – * EXIF: Olympus E-510, 119 mm, ISO 400, F5.6, 1/80 Sec, 5200K. Digital Remastering:… Continue reading

Boehner weeps

The New Yorker article by Andy Borowitz “The Borowitz Report”: “Tears streaming down his cheeks, Rep. Boehner appeared unable to maintain his composure as he delivered a speech interrupted by blubbering and sharp intakes… Continue reading

Rice Pudding with Rose Water & Black Rose Hip Confiture

Rice Pudding with Rose Water & Black Rose Hip Confiture –had the rose water kicking around from the last time i bake quinces– –some frozen black rose hips from last season and there… Continue reading


Rusted scrap yard wall. Graffiti manhood. –Okay, enough cute, fluffy birds. Back to art and agitation.– * Artist: unknown. Medium: Spray paint and rust on sheet metal. Photo by Babewyn 16 October 2013.


Just ’cause i love owls. –just to prove i am not all about fire and brimstone– "Ein Uhu sitzt auf einem Ast in seinem Gehege im Essener Grugapark und lüftet sein Gefieder." *… Continue reading

Polly & Bob

Bettery Magazine interview with Polly & Bob founder and urban activist Volker: "We want to make the world’s neighborhoods more trusting, sharing, and connected. … Where I can be who I am, where… Continue reading

“He’s so Unusual”: Helen Kane, 1929.

“He’s so Unusual”: Helen Kane, 1929. Oh, Oi just couldn’ wisist! Boob-boopy-do. From the movie “Sweetie” starring Helen Kane and Jack Oakie Released: June 14, 1929. Song written by: Al Sherman, Al Lewis,… Continue reading

Szu Szabó, “Paradise City”

Spotlight on Zsu Szabó and her series ‘dancu dancu dancu’ of on-the-road images from a Mediterranean trip. Instead of palm-fringed idyllic beaches, Szabó captures desolate places, grey skies, and stray dogs. Symbolising an… Continue reading

” Qu’est-ce qu’une Folle ?” – Humour!

” Qu’est-ce qu’une Folle ? This is just funny. Yes, even Germans laugh on occasion. 😠 Posted on YouTube by: Pends-Moi Gay Posted: 27.03.2013 Folle, nom masculin désignant une sous-espèce de la communauté… Continue reading