The Farm Security Administration

The Farm Security Administration article by Canbra Hodsdon (here) "As a result of the New Deal, the United States formed The Farm Security Administration in an effort to combat the rise in rural… Continue reading


re:publica: Sextoys aus dem 3D–Drucker: “The members of Berlin hacker-space set out to simplify the process of making individualized dildos, and programed a browser application to accomplish the task. At the internet conference… Continue reading

Potsdamer Strasse, Berlin-Schöneberg

Potsdamer Strasse, Berlin-Schöneberg

Innsbrucker Platz, Berlin–Schöneberg

Innsbrucker Platz: the Babewyn refuge! Home, sweet home! Berlin, Innsbrucker Platz. A wonderfully ugly place, with lots of hidden beauty. Sweet home on the free-way.F*ck gentrification! I wanna see the Yuppy-Futhamugga that wants… Continue reading

1 May

Babewyn wishes ‘Well wishes for International Workers’ Day!’ Avanti Popolo Avanti o popolo, alla riscossaBandiera rossa, bandiera rossaAvanti o popolo, alla riscossaBandiera rossa trionferà.Bandiera rossa la trionferàBandiera rossa la trionferàBandiera rossa la trionferàEvviva… Continue reading

Research Justice: Decolonizing Knowledge, Building Power

Please watch this no matter what your issue of empowerment is. I would like to thank Kin Folkz for bringing "Research Justice: Decolonizing Knowledge, Building Power" to our attention. Youtubes text says: ‘Research… Continue reading

Morgensonne: Simon Grohé

Morgensonne: Simon Grohé I don’t often share a song. Kinda not hip anymore when y’re pushin’ fifty. But this is so-o-o cute, and all the nice kids getting along nice together and all,… Continue reading

Nazis retreat to Rostock

Nazis retreat to the city of Rostock for their May 1st march. The Nazis have cancelled their May 1st march in Berlin after their April 26th march was stifled by Berlins’ citizens counter-demonstration.… Continue reading

Outing to Britz Manor

Outing to Britz Manor (Ger.: Schloss Britz), Berlin, 19 April 2014 A wonderful day with my favorite friend Murmeltier! Schloss Britz (Engl.: Britz Manor), is one of three remaining manorial estates in Berlin,… Continue reading

Nazis in Berlin Kreuzberg – 6.000 citizens prevent their march.

We stopped the damn Nazis! Yesss! Yesterday (26 April 2014) a Nazi march was planned in the Kreuzberg and Neu-Kölln boroughs of Berlin. They only made it a few metres, and had to… Continue reading