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About Gizem Bayiksel:
Gizem Bayiksel was born in Ankara in 1989. She has been working as a photographer and cinematographer in the film industry for over 5 years. Since 2012 she has also been working for numerous events and film festivals as a coordinator, programmer and film curator. Currently she is the festival coordinator and programmer of Pink Life QueerFest. Bayiksel’s personal interest in film and photography focuses on the female gaze and queer theory. She is currently living in Istanbul and working on her first feature film project, a sequel for her short “Child’s Play”, a lesbian couple’s story with Turkish politics on the background.

Turkey, 2014, color, 4’
DIRECTOR: Gizem Bayıksel
Becoming an adult begins with moving out from your parents’ house. While leaving the house, Derin hides an adult secret in the toy-box filled with her childhood memories. We step into adulthood sometimes voluntarily, or sometimes involuntarily and it gradually expands with inevitable confrontations.

Turkey, 2016, HD, color, 4’
DIRECTOR: Ada Ayşe İmamoğlu
LGBTI in the Hood is a short documentary reflecting the LGBTI community’s perspective on their neighborhoods. Every member of the community writes a story of resistance while trying to find a room in their cities and streets. In this film, Tolga will tell his own.

Turkey, 2012, color, 20’
DIRECTOR: Veysel Akşahin
Having lost her parents, a homosexual woman returns to her village. ‘The Paternal Aunt’ explores the feelings of happiness, hopefulness, disappointment and loneliness she experiences back home.

Turkey, 2016, HD, color, 10′
DIRECTOR: Nilgün Küçükbatman
The photos of LGBTI+ activists who lost their lives in a traffic accident in September 2015 are shown to people who never knew them. These people are asked “What does the person you see in the photo do now?” The forms of reading/interpretation/evaluation of the photographs i.e. the image or the code of the image by these people constitute the film’s content. The film is based on a disclosure or criticism of opinion heading from the way of expression of social codes and image or the image itself.

Fragments Of A Roundtable: Pink Life Discusses Archiving
Turkey, 2016, HD, color, 5’
DIRECTOR: Esra Özban
One day Pink Life team gathers around a not-so-round-table and discusses ‘archives’. Beginning with discussing the definition of the term ‘archive’ itself, this not-so-round table discussion touches on many topics ranging from storing practices of the queer community, to the construction/destruction of archives, to archival sites as well as queer sites. These short fragments combine these topics with the team’s personal and collective memories

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