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Babewyn – Middle English 1275–1325; grotesque figure, gargoyle, late Middle English: baboon *bab- grimace

The Babewyn was a “decorative” element on Medieval facades as a grimacing admonisher. It is embellishment, and a humoresque element at once. In contrast to the gargoyle however, it fulfilled no physical function.

Babewyn: (Food) activist & worker from Berlin.

  • Give me a space.
  • Put ingredients in front of me: They can be what you like, what you are curious about, what you have never tried, or chosen at random.
  • Either relax with your guests, or share in the cooking.
  • I will present you with delicious meal.
  • When i am done, you (and your guests) determine what the value of my work was, and reward me accordingly. Money, barter, services … ?

* You can also rent me in the conventional manner. *

Why do i do what i do?

  • First and foremost for the pleasure of handling food.
  • A further goal is to challenge commercialism, prejudice, and hierarchical thinking. To ask …

Can we be satisfied with what we have?What is “national” cuisine?If there is “haute” cuisine, what then is low cuisine, and what are the implications for our perception of other people?And much more …

  • The not-quite so hidden agenda being as ever, the belief that not only technology and economics impact our everyday lives, but also attitudes.

My hope is to create room for dialog, but most of all i hope people enjoy eating in the company of others, are entertained, and of course well fed.

Visit me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Babewyn