You don’t need my permission to copy / modify / show stuff i’ve done.

Things i’ve generated (photos, recipes, etc.) are watermarked “CC Babewyn” for crediting convenience. “CC” means i would be happy to see stuff (re-)used in the spirit of Creative Commons. This applies to other things do as well. For details go to Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Other material referenced in this blog, or to which links have been set, may be subject to other licensing conditions.

If you want a version of an image without watermark or i a different resolution / format, ore if you just want to say “Hi” just write me at: babewyn [ät] riseup [dot] net.

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

(If you think you can make money by using stuff i’ve made, knock yourself out! If there’s money left over, give it to someone who “needs” it, or to someone who doesn’t but whose happiness depends on it.)