Die Stadt ohne Juden

A mention of this film seems appropriate in light of recent developments in Europe, and this weeks Yom HaShoah

The Austrian Film “Die Stadt ohne Juden” based on a novel by Hugo Bettauer, directed by H. K. Breslauer is released in 1924. In hindsight it would seem to predict the future, but it also makes very clear that the cultural dialog that comes to a head in 1936 with the Nuremberg Laws and 1942 with the industrialized genocide of millions of Europeans was anything but the horrific surprise it was presented as after 1945.

The film was thought lost until a complete copy was discovered at a Paris flee market in 2014 by chance.

La ciudad sin judíos (1924 Austria) Die stadt ohne juden/The city without jews. Auf: youtube.com (CINE MUDO / Silent movies). Datum: 16 Jul 2017. URL: https://youtu.be/wAOrS6_Yn40. Zuletzt gesichtet: 14 Apr 2018.

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