Marriage for Everyone!

The Federal German parliament quite suddenly voted to open “marriage” to same-sex couples.

If “we” just won, how-come i feel like somebody just smothered my revolution under megatons of frothy, smeary wedding-cake icing?

Einhorn-Esel im Vogelkäfig

i never wanted to be “straight” (by what ever definition you may choose), or like a “straight” person (not that i know for sure what that entails, but it has been perfectly clear since i was about 10 that i was not one).

The “straight” way of life, even the most liberatory niches there of, were never my emotional hearth. Far from my being a Separatist, “straight” utopias just never enticed me to want “in”. And though “straights” were never unwelcome in “my” utopias, the sentiment of not wanting “in” has seemed over the decades to have been largely mutual.

My partner and i have been together for 22 years. In 2003 we founded a “registered legal partnership” under Federal German Law together. It was a matter of principle at the time. We hoped the laws would eventually evolve to meet the legal needs of real-existing, contemporary, and imaginable, future life-networks. We had also hoped that over time the nimbus of Bronze Age clandom, Medieval cults of virginity, 18th Century Romanticism, and the deeply problematic, 20th Century nuclear-family models would fade into the background as people formed more human-scale and less holy unions. In short we hoped against hope, that “legal partnership’s” sober, legalistic tone would swerve the public discourse about who may care for whom, and whose day-to-day matters warrant a legal framework away from the realm of romantic elation and religious anointment.

Golly, i hope the movement i became part of in my teens 35 years a go is not backfiring most woefully!

Please, let this be the liberating clap of thunder it is being hailed as.

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