Museum der 1000 Orte

“Museum der 1000 Orte” (Eng.: Museum of 1000 Places) Inaugurated 21 June 2017.

A virtual museum for “Kunst am Bau” (Eng.: percent for art / art in public spaces) was presented to the public by German Federal Minister for Building, Barbara Hendricks (Social Democratic Party of Germany) yesterday.

Image (cropped): Altes Museum (Old Museum) by Jorge Láscar from Australia. Source: Date: 11 Mar 2009. License: CC BY 2.0. URL: with the Neon text installation by Maurizio Nanucci, “All art has been contemporary”. Last viewed: 23 Jun 2017. (Not yet presented by

Quick and easy access to information about art in public spaces is hard to come by. This new project shows a cross section of the unique diversity of systematic public art in the Federal Republic of Germany since its inception in 1950.

Of the approximately 10,000 works to date, an initial 120 have been put on display on this new platform. The site provides images, maps, descriptions, and artist biographies for each piece. I am looking forward to watching the site grow!

Visit the Museum at

– Offical federal news bulletin: “Museum der 1000 Orte – Virtuelles Museum zeigt Kunst am Bau”. On: Dated: 22 Jun 2017. URL: Last viewed: 23 Jun 2017.

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Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit
(Eng.: Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety)
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