Say No to “Pride”: K*CSD.

“K*csd: No XCSD, No Problem – Make Queer a Threat Again …”

is the motto of this year’s ad hoc Queer Rally on June 24 2017 at Mariannenplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

What threat we pose if we organize on Facebook of all platforms, and rally on Mariannenplatz in Kreuzberg, is beyond me. Never the less i shall go. After all, as an atheist i enacted Christmas every year until i was in my mid-30s. Why not enact revolt for a few more years. The surest method of doing nothing is by doing nothing at all.

So i hope to see you all there, and remember if you’re not the party there isn’t going to be one.

Banner: Make Queer a Threat Again (Event: K*csd: Kein XCSD, kein Problem). On: Uplaoded: 4 June 2017 URL: Last viewed: 11 Jun 2107.

For further reference:

X*CSD – der alternative CSD in Kreuzberg (the former organizers WordPress page)
URL: Last viewed: 11 Jun 2017.

Article in announcing the 2017 event
Author FS: “CSD, Nun doch: Event am Mariannenplatz zum Kreuzberger CSD geplant” In: (). Date: 10 Jun 2017. URL: Last viewed: 11 Jun 2017.

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