Reichsbürger in Berlin

Reichsbürger (Engl.: Citizens of the Realm/Reich) – An assessment by the Parliament of Berlin.

Self-ascribed “Reichsbürger” are German nationalist extremists who do not recognize the legitimacy of the current German state, demanding the reinstatement of the Realm / the Reich, the German state established in 1871.

nullThere is a certain degree of programmatic similarity with other German nationalist and Rightist groups. According to the Berlin parliament’s assessment “Drucksache 18 / 10 942” dated 30 March 2017 there are approximately 400 proponents of the Reichsbürger movement in Berlin. The Reichsbürger movement is somewhat heterogeneous. Some known affiliated groups are: “Die Exilregierung Deutsches Reich”, “Deutsches Polizeihilfswerk” (DPHW), “ e.V.”, “Neuschwabenlandtreffen”, “Freistaat Preußen”, “Amt für Menschrecht”, “Schutzschild e.V.”, and groups associated with “keltischen Druiden ‘Burgos von Buchonia'”.

According to the Bureau of the Interior and Sports of the Berlin Parliament, until recently Riechsbürger have come into conflict with German law primarily due to refusal to recognize, or honor official documents issued by the Federal Republic of Germany such as personal identification, drivers’ licenses, etc. Never the less there is a growing concern about the movement’s recent, somewhat increased propensity toward physical violence, amassing of weapons, and rise membership.

– Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin: Rechtsextremismus – Irre Reichsbürger in Berlin II, Schriftliche Anfrage Tom Schreiber (SPD) / Antwort In Vertretung Torsten Akmann Senatsverwaltung für Inneres und Sport. Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin 18. Wahlperiode. Datum: 30 Mar 2017 Berlin. Schriftliche Anfrage Drucksache 18 / 10 942. Seite: 1. URL: Last viewed: 11 May 2017.

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Image: Map of the German Realm (das Deutsche Reich) 1871-1918 by ziegelbrenner – own drawing/Source of Information: Putzger – Historischer Weltatlas, 89. Auflage, 1965, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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