Diamanda Galás sings “la LLorona”

Diamanda Galás was a recent discovery for me, though she has been well known for decades. Her many faceted voice and interpretive richness fascinate me, and her biography has touched many points that resonate with me as well. It is as if she is saying something for me, i could never begin to even conceive.

The folktale of “la LLorona” (Eng.: the weeping woman) is a story that on the surface is moralistic and didactic, but also rings among other things of grief over ones own humanity with it’s errors of judgement made in moments of passion, and the horror at ones own capacity to do harm. At the same time it conveys the deeply felt desire, melancholy and despair i personally associate closely with Queer sensibility.

The song performed by a wistful and enigmatic woman artist cinches the classic Queer iconographic package in a similar way Janis Joplin, Billy Holiday, Edith Piaf and others can be seen to do.

“La LLorona” (Mexican traditional). Performed: Diamanda Galás. On: youtube.com. Audio: Dan Neumann. Up-load: Josu Sein Martinez (1 Nov 2016).

Title image: Diamanda Galás in London (20 March 2008), Andy Newcome. License: CC SA-BY 2.0 generic. Source: Wikimedia Commons. URL: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Diamanda_Galas.jpg. Last viewed: 26 Mar 2017.

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