Father boycotts “gay wedding”

Father boycotts “gay wedding”! is the tenor of yet another cry of outrage article* on a high profile issue.

The photo: two smart twenty-somethings in billowing white wedding dresses stand embracing in a bank office building lobby whilst furiously mobile-telephoning financial sorts hustle by. The banks logo is prominently emblazoned above their newly-wed topknots.

The story: a tradition minded father of the bride would not walk his daughter down the aisle to meet her (woman) partner at the altar.

In the comments to the article: the well rehearsed arguments are hurled by the neo-Cons on the one side and the Liberals on the other leaving little old (odd) me wondering why i even read this nonsense.

So here goes my troll …

Image: woman power. By: worker. Created: 2011-08-05. License: CC BY-SA.“You all preach tolerance but only when things go your way.” – That’s kind of nonsense a lot of the time. “This should have been kept as a private family matter. ” – is a matter of perspective. The private is political, and if the person or people chose to make the matter a public show-case piece, so be it. Papa ought to have seen that one coming. Daughter Dearest’s staging in the picture above does not exactly say “I hate an audience!” If Dad had wanted to stay under the radar, he could have bit the orthodox bullet and done his little curmudgeon the favor.

But there is a point some of the queer-friendly folks out there (much as i appreciate the solidarity) are over-looking.

When my partner and i got our official stamp of concubinage from the local notary public, it was he and i and the pleasant lady from city hall. We told my folks 6 months later, and they were keen on doing some sort of enactment, which we flatly refused. We had heard quite enough about my brother-in-laws income and my sisters fecundity to be fully convinced, if we had not been before, we wanted nothing what so ever to do with anything even remotely resembling Heterosexualism.

So if it is in line with this couples ideology to serve as a hallmark of liberalism for the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation by mumming 19th Century Western European bourgeois nuptial pageantry with a CEO as ersatz patriarch, they have my most decided tolerance. I am aware of the trend, and if my newly wed, queer sisters are eager to know of my particular scruples regarding their business, i don’t doubt they will ask.

So what am i getting at? Put bluntly, in my experience it is idle to want to force a person to sell flowers or serve cake to queers like me if they have decided not to for some reason. What is unfathomable to me is whose cakes and flowers we queers are none the less groveling to partake of and what humiliations we are willing to put up with to appear to be doing so. You’d think we had no hands and minds of our own.

And still i wish the newly-weds, and all of the rest of us, joy all the very best!

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Image: woman power. By: worker. Created: 2011-08-05. License: CC BY-SA. URL: https://openclipart.org/detail/153811/woman-power. Last viewed: 11 Mar 2017.

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