Butler on Zionism

The very thoughtful and analytical Dr Butler at the Jewish Museum Berlin

The title “Does Zionism belong to Judaism” (German: Gehört der Zionismus zum Judentum?) is misleading. Judith Butlers analyses are on an entirely different level.

Those who expect Butler to slam Israel will be disappointed.

(Discussion in German and English)

Gehört der Zionismus zum Judentum?: Micha Brumlik and Judith Butler, Andreas Öhler – moderator. On: jmberlinTube. Date: 15 Sept 2012. URL: https://youtu.be/VsTlsWZId7s. Last viewed: 27 Feb 2017.

Title image: JewishMuseumBerlinAerial.jpg (2008) By: Studio Daniel Libeskind (Architecture New Building), [http://www.guenterschneider.de/index_x.php]. License: . CC BY 3.0 unported. URL: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:JewishMuseumBerlinAerial.jpg. Last viewed: 27 Feb 2017.