Goodbye, K-Punk.

We have lost one of our own.

Sleep softly, Professor Fisher.

Mark Fisher aka: K-Punk (11 July 1968 ā€“ 13 January 2017).

Goldsmiths University tribute  to Mark Fischer imageBest known for what he critically termed “Capitalist realism”, a phenomenon where by Neoliberalism presents Capitalism as being without alternative, and the idea of “hauntology”, a symptom of contemporary thought whereby the end of Modernism has triggered a nostalgia or longing for the past visions of the future; in Fisher’s words “relics of the future in the unactivated potentials of the past”*. Prof. Fisher’s was familiar to me from his blog which was always up-lifting and a pleasure to read.

He will be sorely missed.

* Mark Fisher: The Metaphysics of Crackle: Afrofuturism and Hauntology In: (Volume 5, Number 2, 2013, Pp. 42-55) Date: 2013. URL: Last viewed: 13 Feb 2017.

Image: Prof. Mark Fisher. By: Goldsmiths University. Published: 19 Jan 2017. Source: URL: Last viewed: 14 Feb 2017.

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