That Cheeky Mr. Spencer

Hail! Hail!


What was not lost in translation.

The white nationalist who said “Hail Trump” and “hail our people” during a conference in Washington D.C. on Saturday — and who received straight-armed Nazi-like salutes in response — told NBC News Monday that his comments were meant to be “cheeky,” “exuberant” and “ironic.” – Source:*.

A Reaction:

Image: Antifascist Carnation: Worker. On: Date: 07 Mar 2014. URL: Last viewed: 23 Nov 2016.There is nothing cheeky about A.H. and young Mr. Spencer knows that. If he knows enough German to use the word “Lügenpresse” (which by the way is all the rage as a chant at the PEGIDA and AfD rallies again today) then that gentleman knows what the translation of “Hail Trump!” and “Hail Victory”. The latter is “Sieg Heil” in German, the phrase the Hitler Fascists called the “German greeting” during their 1933-1945 usurpation of power, and those were R. Spencer’s final words as he left the stage during the event in question. Far from being just “cheeky” by any definition of the word, those words would get you at the very least a fine, and a lengthy discussion with the local authorities in my neighborhood.

Further more, with out even the necessity to take the discussion to an ethical and emotional level, this young man’s claim, “whites” do not need “non-whites” is disproved by the history of the very movement Mr. Spencer iconicises.
In order to achieve the economic/industrial where withal for the admittedly awe-striking military might of Fascist Germany, millions of people, selected to do so on arbitrary racist grounds were forced by the then government to work day and night without pay until they died of exertion. Even a raving misanthrope would have to admit that the model is far from a “sustainable” one. But the criminal regime of the time did not stop there. The financial assets of entire industries, and neighborhoods were confiscated and used for building infrastructure and for the ludicrous war campaigns of the era.
Far from being unnecessary, Racists “need” the people they look down upon to provide the labor and resources required to maintain their air of superiority.

And before risking once again portraying Fascism and Racist as primarily German phenomena that can be brushed off as historically and regionally circumscribed, it would be wise to take a deep look at the interconnection (also transatlanticly) of historical and contemporary radical Rightism. US funding of European Fascism did not begin and end with Henry Ford 80 years ago, and the movement has not slept on either side of the Atlantic.
The movement has grown, mutated and is alive and well, profiting enormously from the implosion of Socialism and the Left, the callousness of Post-Reagan/Thatcher social dialogue, and the exploitation of anti-Muslim Racism for the ideological successor of the Cold War, the so-called War-on-Terror. In recent years, fascistoid entities have managed to shake off their ethnic shackles and broaden their appeal in an attempt to combine the forces of what were once separate French, Dutch, Austrian, German, Czech, Polish, etc. movements, and are increasingly becoming a generalized (Northern-)European phenomenon calling themselves “Identitarian” and basing their ideology on a “shared values, history and culture”. These networks are vital and growing and warrant serious attention, if we mean to distance ourselves from this kind of mass psychopathology.

* Hallie Jackson and Tim Stelloh: White Nationalist Alt-Righter Claims ‘Hail Trump’ Comments Were ‘Ironic’. On: (Politics/White House). Date: 21 Nov 2016. URL: Last viewed: 23 Nov 2016.

Image: Antifascist Carnation: Worker. On: Date: 07 Mar 2014. URL: Last viewed: 23 Nov 2016.

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