Godwin’s Law

“Godwin’s Law states: A debate can be seen to be over when the first Nazi analogy is drawn.”

Awful lot of comparisons to German history 1933-1945 at the moment, which to me means the Left still refuses to want to come to terms with the present, which frankly is bad enough with or without on particular Austrian.

Donald Trump (2016). Photographer: Voice of America. CC BY-SA

Adolf Hitler (1936). Photographer: Heinrich Hoffman. CC BY-SA

There are few similarities between Weimar Germany and the current state of affairs, nor between the Machtergreifung and the conservative shift of the last 10 years. Even these are only on the surface.

The actual political change came about with the deregulation of the US and British markets, and Thatcher’s and Reagan’s politics of social insouciance. Another great leap in this unsavory direction comes with the proxy war in Afghanistan and the implosion of the Soviet block in the late 80s. Among the myriad of horrific outcomes of these larger events were the wars in Iraq, and the over-importance of reactionary, paramilitary networks of syndicates like Al-Qaida or more recent conglomerates of the disgruntled and over-armed like ISIL/Daesh.

At the same time the US has seen a slide since the 70s toward Christian fundamentalism of a type Al-Qaida can only dream of. The shock of the social changes of the 1960s and the ongoing series of military disasters lead to a gradual rise of the US far right, often thinly masked as piety and love of home-land.

The Left has been so busy looking for old-school Fascists, contemplating their navels, and squabbling among themselves, that we have systematically overlooked and failed to analyze the current reality, relying of historical parables and intuition instead.

The political change we are all worrying about happening soon actually took place 30 years ago, and we didn’t even notice.