HIV/STI-Prevention Info in 29 Languages

While trying to find a home away from home for Babewyn the activist, i researched a thing or two for one or another project. After realizing the vast majority of people do not need or even want anything i can offer them (no i am not bitter – i’m okay with that), what remains is a certain amount of nickel knowledge. Here is one of the better bits.

HIV/STI-Prevention Info in 29 Languages

…what i was actually looking for – buried on page 136…Red HIV/AIDS-Awareness Ribbon. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Übersicht der Medien der BZgA im Migrationsbereich, Migration, Flüchtlinge und Gesundheit ¹, P. 136:
Info in 29 languages on HIV/STI-prophylaxis with diagrams.

Project Home Page:
Down-load info pamphlets in 29 languages (master copies):


¹ HIV/STI-Prävention. In. Übersicht der Medien der BZgA im Migrationsbereich. BZgA (Bundeszentrale f. gesundheitlich Aufklärung) INFODIENST MIGRATION: Migration, Flüchtlinge und Gesundheit (02/2016). Publisher: Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZfA), Cologne, Germany (Printed by: Basis Druck GmbH., Duisburg, Germany). S. 136.


Wikipedia Commons (14 December 2006): Aids Awareness Red Ribbon. Graphics by: Niki K Aids Awareness Red Ribbon Lapel Pins License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. URL: Last viewed: 05 May 2016.