Good News.

Will wacko Baptist church to become shelter for homeless LGBT*I*Q kids?

… though not a proponent of retribution, this got a giggle out of me.

According to blogger JoeMyGod, the Ali Forney Center trying to raise money to buy the building that housed Harlem’s debt ridden Atlah World Wide Church. The Babtist congregation gained infamy through its outlandish and bigoted statements on its marquis.

marquis of the Atlah World Wide Church in Harlem, NY.

Read more: “BREAKING: Ali Forney Center Wants The Harlem Hate Church And A Fundraiser Has Been Launched“. (Article from: 29 Jan 2016. Last viewed: 06 Feb 2016.)

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Uucp if this is your image. I can’t cite you with a link because your Wikimedia link is dead. If you tell me how to cite you i will include it here.