Miss Appropriation

Rekindling my inner blaze with a few purloined flames.

– Thom, Kai Cheng: 8 Tips for Trans Women of Color Who are Considering Suicide. In. everydayfeminism.com (2015 > 11). Date: 07 Nov 2015. Last viewed: 09 Nov 2015.

Grave memorial for Ovo Maltine, 16 Apr 1966 - 08 Feb 2005Not even i possess the blind audacity to claim my lily-white life was ever as precarious as it could have been if i hadn’t been just a white kid from sub-urban Boston. Heck, i even had relatively groovy parents who paid for me to blow-off college. So, No, this article is not for or about anyone am, or ever was.

And yet, whilst much of Queer Berlin is spending their time in endless caucuses debating how best to “help” refugees (the queer ones of course), or is outraged that the design for a new monument for queer (read, cis-gay male) martyr Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld was tendered out to mere art students and will “only” cost €20,000 rather than a renowned artist having been commissioned to enshrine our noble struggle – or as i see it, carry it to its untimely grave, i take a moment and watch the November clouds, and reflect on one person’s pleading appeal to her sisters not to take their own lives.

Image: Grave memorial for Ovo Maltine (Born: Christoph Josten; * 16 Apr 1966 – Rech an der Ahr, Germany | † 8. Februar 2005 – Berlin) a German political cabaret queen (Ger.: Polit- und Kabarett-Tunte), and AIDS aktivist. Source: Wikimedia.org URL: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Ovo_Maltine_Grab_2015.jpg. Uploaded by StMatthaeus, 17 Apr 2015. Creative Commons License: CC BY-SA 4.0.