Can we afford human rights?

Recently asked by an US-American disgraced by US migration discussion how i saw the situation in Germany

My answer…

sudarsanpattnaik_aylankurdi_puriodishaThe official spin is of course, “We are doing as much as we can. They just can’t all come here, we cannot afford it!”

Mme. Chancellor is vague as ever and the populist grand-standers rule the day with one scare scenario topping the other in terms of horror and absurdity.

The public debate circles largely around the fiscal aspect of the matter, which in deed shall be a problem in light of two decades of nearly Anglo-Saxon style government roll-back/”budget cuts”. The irony is, that the German economy has never been as strong and that the earnings of the wealthy here as in the rest of world continue to rise dramatically. Our problem if you will is not liquidity but priorities.

Very little but for the occasional gasp of surprise when actually confronted with photos of drowned toddlers in the news is actually being said about the blatant and appalling inhumanity and outright injustice of the occurrences of the last several years.

Officials and the general public behave as if the situation were new and unforeseeable, when actually i can recall discussions in my circles during the Second American Gulf War in which it was said that destabilization of the Iraq would bring what little civic order remained in the greater region crashing down and draw Turkey into the conflict due to Kurdish separatism that has existed there for nearly a century.
In deed what ensued was the dark comedy of the so-called Arab Spring, the disintegration of Libya, civil war in Yemen and Syria, risk of civil war in most of the rest of the region, flow of arms southward from the Maghreb, an exacerbation of the Israel/Palestine debacle, and further radicalization and heightened animosity all over Africa, the Arab Peninsula and Central to Southeast Asia, whilst the West did their best fan the flames, and in some cases i suspect actively brought about armed conflict. I am to this day not convinced ISIL came out of nowhere – smells like a secret service job to me, but i won’t be able to prove that so i should shut-up.

The largely “Center-Right” politics of Europe and North America uses scare tactics and the basest of all human emotions to put through their economically liberal and nationalist agenda, curiously enough using the protection of women and homosexuals as false pretense and moral higher ground against the purportedly backward and dangerous Black people, Arabs, etc. who are bearing the brunt of this geopolitical game of jacks.

Not a good situation.

Munich proves however that there is hope that people will see through this perfidious smokescreen. There are so many people who want to help the people arriving at the main train station that the police have had to cordon the place off and have ask people stop bringing money, food, beverages, clothing, blankets, diapers, sweets, and toys to the station as they have no more place to put it all! I sincerely hope we are better than our political representatives, and that the wave of good-will caries on for a good long time. We’re gonna need it. There are a lot of hurt, hungry, poor, helpless, traumatized, homeless people out there for whom we are acutely responsible. And if they come here just for a change of scenery, fine with me. With what moral right do we send them away?

Image: Indian sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik’s sculpture on Puri Beach near Odisha, India of the toddler Aylan Kurdi drowned by the world’s criminal negligence toward people fleeing the world hegemonic wars spanning from Asia to West Africa.