It should come as no surprise.
Police on the Greek island of Kos turn fire extinguishers on people who have waited in line for to register as refugees.
:sunrise_over_mountains:: Dramatic images from #Kos: police disperses people protesting lengthily #Greek procedures.
:information_source:: Ecre on Twitter.

They are receiving neither adequate food, nor water, nor shelter, nor medical care. We Europeans are a disgrace.

For article in English see: The Guardian on-line: Greek police use fire extinguishers to disperse migrant crowd on Kos. In: theguardian.com (home > world > Europe). On: 11 Aug 2015. URL:http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/aug/11/greek-police-fire-extinguishers-disperse-migrant-crowd-kos. Last viewed: 12.Aug 2015.

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