Matthew Harries: Hiroshima as Symbol

This week will see scores of sombre commentaries on the memory and legacy of Hiroshima. The seeming inconsistency of Japan’s position on nuclear weapons, and especially Japan’s approach to tackling its own war record, will probably elicit at least a few takes in the churlish mode, too; and the surge of disarmament advocacy will probably encourage others to write fiercely in defence of the role of nuclear deterrence. These diverging views are possible because, practically since the moment that Hiroshima was destroyed, it has been seen as a symbol both of nuclear weapons’ awfulness, and of the awesome power they might wield in war and in peace.¹

Hiroshima monument for the bombing of Hiroshima:sunrise_over_mountains:: HiroshimaGembakuDome6819.jpg.
:white_check_mark:: Public Domain.

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