Auntie has a wee connuption.
someone asked me recently what i thought was the alternative to turning a fire hose on the rioting precariate

Just so no-one ever says i never said so: The alternatives are
Alternative priorities in domestic politics. An about-face in public rhetoric away from fear and all-out consumerism toward a culture of active involvement in civic life, and volunteerism. A change in focus in foreign policy away from “humanitarian interventionism” and the maintenance of post-colonial hegemonic structures through military means toward infrastructure projects and economic cooperation (ala Chinese world wide engagement). And last but by far not least – We shall all have to begin living materially far simpler lives and investing more interest, time, and money in caring for the needs of other people.

… or baring this, being honest enough to shoot on sight rather than allowing people to spend generations and decades vegetating and wasting away in containment facilities for superfluous human beings because one hasn’t the testicular fortitude to follow ones own logic to its obvious conclusion and euthanize the poor bastards whilst asking asinine rhetorical questions like “What is the alternative?”

Wikimedia creativ commons image - Dead squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris), Tuscany, Italy by LucarelliWikimedia creative commons image – Dead squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris), Tuscany, Italy by Lucarelli.

ie. Do what you would have the decency to do for any squirrel that had been hit by a car and lay injured by the side of the road. Help it, or whack it over the head with a shovel, for God’s sake!

My partner cautioned me that in light of the current, general, public hysteria it might be prudent to add a clarification. Sadly i can imagine he might have a point.
Lest any reader see the above as a call for a lynch mob, it is the contrary. Get you your lazy, selfish arses out there and start helping someone, anyone at all, but do something! The bit with the shooting and the shovel is bitter satire. I don’t want people killing refugees (or squirrels for that matter).

#refugees #Europe