Merkel pets Refugees

Reem meets Merkel

· There, there, Dear. Stiff upper lip! ·

Reem, a young woman (14) with Palestinian background who has lived here for 4 years, and attends a high school Rostock, Germany whilst the officials decide who is worthy of protection in Germany and who can be deported, receives the opportunity to hear it from the Chancellor herself that not everyone is welcome here, and her fate should be decided within the year.

Dr. Merkel responds more or less verbatim:

They [you] can’t all come here! We are accelerating the asylum application decision process, so that people like you do not put down roots during the years that are currently necessary to decide on refugees’ status.

Madam Chancellor is visibly perplexed that her frankness reduces the teen to tears.

video: Angela Merkel streichelt weinendes Flüchtlingsmädchen. Flüchtlingskind beim Bürgerdialog. Volle Länge.
by: Spiegel on-line (15.07.2015).
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