pea-bean salad

Pea-Bean Salad

· My kids adore white pea beans. They call bean stew “bop”. ·

It is not my habit, but i went to a hippster vegan grocery store looking for something – smoke flavoring i believe it was. To my horror in one of the freezers there was an enormous brown thing shaped like a roast turkey. Lo and behold, on the wrapper were the words “vegan roast turkey”! I like vegetables, grains, fruits and seeds. I can’t really get my head around why food that isn’t made of animal products ought to look like it is, unless it is art or some kind of prank.

My boys like their meat of course, but a side of bop is always welcome. When are the rest of us gonna learn to eat beans again? The bit with the gas seems to depend on what you are used to eating. We eat beans daily, and it doesn’t give us digestive trouble. The home made sausage from our country relative we eat once or twice a year does though!

recipe for bean salad page image for PDF version

recipe for bean salad page image for PDF version.


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