It’s my party,

… and i’ll sleep if i want to …

Dog-birthday celebration Tante Horst, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Hundegeburtstag im Tante Horst Berlin Kreuzberg 21 Jun 2015Hundegeburtstag im Tante Horst, Berlin-Kreuzberg. (21 Jun 2015)
Image by: me (Babewyn). License: CC BY-SA.

It was hard to resist asking to take her picture. She was sleeping soundly on a bright pink cushion, while a group of primarily women most with sturdy footwear were having a grand time over coffee and beer at the table between the bar and the picture window. Turns out it was her birthday she was choosing to doze through. But that didn’t seem to dampen her guests spirits in the least.

Tante Horst
Oranienstr. 45
10969 Berlin-Kreuberg.
T: +49 30 39 5090 22.
Open: Monday-Sunday, from 6:00pm CET.
Map: click here.

Tante Horst is a Kneipenkollektiv (a cooperatively run cafe and bar) on Oranienstraße in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The fact takes a bit of getting used to for those of us rooted in traditional gastronomy. There is a person behind the counter, but they do not see themselves a service personnel, as one was eager to have me know when i had the audacity to attempt to leave a tip. That is what the donation jar marked “Project of the Month” on the bar is for.
You may place your order and pick it up yourself at the counter. The service is pleasant enough if you are not expecting a saccharine grin to go along with it all. Horizontal hierarchies, and lived equality are very serious business always to be accompanied with a stern look. If you have been around in movements for social justice for even a short while you will know what i mean.
The crowd is comprised of critical minded sorts of all ages, and there is a high propensity for sensible shoes.
Bringing a board game or cards to play is encouraged.

All in all a nice place to sit and watch Kreuzberg be Kreuzberg.


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