“Efekty Uboczne” – Side Effects

Kacper Kowalski’s aerial photos of human imprints on our surroundings.

Multiple World Press Photo award winner Kacper Kowalski (*1977, Poland) is both a pilot and a photographer. He received a degree in architecture from the Technical University of Gdansk, Poland. Kowalski photographs human activity from the air, creating almost abstract images of the marks of human existence in the landscape.
(this year’s World Press Photo 2015 submissions / archival submissions)

Anything said about Kowalski’s work is almost too much. Just look.

© Casper Kowalski, Polish Autumn series.Image: Autumn 2 – Polish Autumn series.
© Casper Kowalski.

Kowalski talks about his work:

Kacper Kowalski on 'Side Effects' from World Press Photo on Vimeo.


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