Flowers on the Traffic Island of Potsdamer Straße.

I had actually waded out to the traffic island to take a picture of a favorite “Imbiss” (food stand/snack bar), and there they were hiding in the dry grass.

Eschscholzia_californica_potsdammerstrasse_berlin.pngimage by Babewyn at CC BY-SA

image by Babewyn at CC BY-SA

image by Babewyn at CC BY-SA

image by Babewyn at CC BY-SA

image by Babewyn at CC BY-SA

Scarcely visible from the sidewalk, the plants had seeded themselves from last years plantings, and were stunted by poor soil conditions and lack of moisture. But for the red poppy, a native, they had all shrunk to a height of 15-20 cm.

click map for location:
Potsdamer Straße am Kulturforum, Berlin-Mitte (Tiergarten)

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