My old hood, Potsdamerkiez:
“Potse” – Yeah, you heard right.

The adult video and sex shop LSD in the building that once housed the photography retailer Foto-Radio-Wegert at Potsdamer Straße 124-126.

Image: LSD_Potsdamerstrasse_Berlin_Schöneberg.png by Babewyn on Wikimedia Commons. (CC BY-SA 4.0)
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Adult entertainment, and prostitution have a more than 125 year old tradition in northern Schöneberg. They were the cradle of the nascent Gay sub-cultured, that has gained a certain “respectability” in recent years. Today the Gays converge to the south-west of Nollendorfplatz where the red-light district character of the neighborhood has been all but erased. To the north-east of Nollendorplatz however, (female) street prostitution is as pervasive as ever. Middle-class assimilation of this “milieu”, the profession of those who work in sex-work, as in the case of the until recently equally frowned-on “group”, Gay men (no matter whether hustler or government minister) would seem to remain unthinkable. And so the radical conflict of interest between the interests of local merchants and property owners, and the reality of a market that does not have the right to exist rages on.


In this YouTube video (circa minute 20:42) the building can be seen as it was in the 1960s.

And as an added “Betthupferl”: Here a small overview by another WordPress.com blogger of locales in the neighborhood that have gone the way of gentrification.

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