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Of Lesbian Prime Ministers and Men

this one earned me applause and yet i feel "misunderstood"

(criticized a gay blog for what felt like racism, complicity, and self-belittlement)
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An attempt at clarification:

Agreed, and yet my intent was another entirely.

I am pleased that lGbt is on everyone’s radar, from the Center-Right to the economic (neo-)Liberals to the Left. Just as i am pleased, that there is candid (if reluctant) talk about sex (if only in the name of personal hygiene, to be sure!). Lesbian Prime Ministers are a chapter for themselves and speak to me of the changing role (read: relevance) of national governments in a supra-national era far more than to women’s let alone Lesbian women’s access to power. Though admittedly it is a far cry form where we were in the mid-late 20th Century.

What i am not at all convinced of is the currently predominant LGBT discourse which essentially amounts a bourgeois-ization of middle class gay men, has any resemblance to the goal we had set decades ago as part of a civil rights movement. It is my suspicion that  …

– the death of the queer avante garde by AIDS in the late 80’s,
– the medicalization of the topic of gay sex as a result of Centrist fears that AIDS might in deed become a bourgeois concern,
– the economics of anti-rhetroviral medicine that strongly favors the well to do,
– and the realization on the part of Humanitarian Interventionists that women and gays are born victims whom to champion puts one above all suspicion of being a global hegemonic kraken …

… has plopped the more photogenic among us queers (gay, white, middle-class couples) right down in the middle of the official rhetoric, whilst doing nothing for the rest of us.

My aim in criticizing the would-be liberatory blog above was not to rally more support for the likes of the Human Rights Campaign (with all due respect for their size and financial basis), gay “marriage” and the like, but to call attention to the considerable change in tactic and thrust of what was once a broader movement for a change in cultural paradigms, and the empowerment of the disenfranchised, and has become a campaign to consolidate the power of those already at an advantage to the rest.

It is appalling to watch gay, white men using the same mechanisms of injustice (racism, male chauvinism, prudery, nationalism, etc.) to cement their own power in their march through the institutions. Though there is a certain amount of lip service given to inclusiveness, and “social change” is recited as a sort of mantra, “they” have utterly abandoned the structural criticism of the status quo in fact turning it into its opposite whilst neglecting (in some cases actively sabotaging and/or slandering) the concerns of non-white, non-male, non-homonormative, non-middle-class, non-couples. Not that that is not progress of a sort, but my fear is that when “they” have out-lived their usefulness for the official version of the story, “they” will be back out in the cold with the rest of us, we will have forfeited our solidarity and our credibility, and have wasted decades that could have been used more effectively than playing “Ozzie and Harriet”, and trying to keep up with the Joneses.

I suspect “we” are shooting “ourselves” in the foot, nay leg, on second though it would appear in the very torso of Queerdom.

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