Look at “us”!

Every so often the urge overcomes me to check back in with the rest of queerdom. On the whole, each foray cures me of the desire to have more than genital contact for several months. So again this morning. A US blog shows what oblivion is looming on the horizon for the LGBT cause if we are not very, very mindful.

Allow me to illustrate …

Of the two black men depicted on the home-page of the site one is there because he is accused of a violent crime against gay men …

screen shot from a US blog

The headlines are more reminiscent of children’s film write-ups than a blog about the serious, human-rights objectives of adults. The word “adorable” falls twice and the language is on the whole diminutive and treacly. The pink elephant in the room, “sex” is not mentioned once …

screen shot from a US blog

The article about a man quitting his job to become an activist begins verbatim: “Politics are never fun,” and goes on to compare political small-talk to the joys of consuming alcohol.
Sen. H. Clinton, who has discovered the l–G–bt issue for her US presidential bid, is praised by the blog primarily for her similarity in prominence to Cher or Beyonce.

screen shot from a US blog

We seem to forget what sort of adversary we are up against. He will not simply concede merely because “we” no longer think politics is “fun”, agree to be as goody-goody as the racists next-door, and help to elect talking heads like the resigned Secretary of State, and Humanitarian Interventionist Sen. H. Clinton simply because she knows which buttons to push in order to make any American Left of far-Right teary-eyed.

Gawd, People! Wake-up, please.”

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