A very tall turn of the 19th Century street lamp

❦ A replica of course* – Corner of Spandauer Damm, Otto-Suhr-Allee, and Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße, near Luisenplatz in Berlin-Charlottenburg. ❦

Wish i could say more about it, but short of going to the DPW and asking, i am at a loss. Best i could do on-line was “Jugendstil”! Oh for Petesake! If everything were “Jugendstil” that got stuck with the name … ! It couldn’t get any more general!? Yes, that and it is light green. Blimey!

Strassenlaterne_Spandauerdamm_Berlin.png on Wikimedia CommonsImage: Strassenlaterne_Spandauerdamm_Berlin.png.
By: Me (Babewyn).
Creative Commons License: CC BY-SA.
View camera location on open street map.

* Linked image: Savignyplatz mit Ruine des Toilettenhäuschens, um 1945. Property of: Bezirksamt Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.
This is an image of Savignyplatz in Berlin-Charlottenburg in 1945 or 1946 only a few kilometers from where the above photo was taken as i could not find a similar image of the exact corner. Since the fall of the Warsaw Pact there has been increasing pressure in Germany to erase the marks of the 20th Century in the public sphere (though the street lamp in question was most likely installed during the urban “renewal” of the 1980’s). I too am fond of quaint things, yet i am aware of the risk of falsifying the present and how we arrived where we are today. Hence, the more i am tempted post kitsch the more i am eager to put it in perspective so as not to be guilty of revisionism.

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