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The Charlotteburger Ziegenhof (Blockinitiative 128 – Ziegenhof – e.V.) is a local project that, as is the case with so many here in Berlin, grew out of the resistance to the plans to remake the city on the drawing board over the heads of the local citizens during the 1970s and 1980’s.

Wikimedia Commons image Ziege_Ziegenhof_Charlottenburg_Berlin.pngImage: Ziege_Ziegenhof_Charlottenburg_Berlin.png. By: Babewyn. Creative Commons license: CC BY-SA.

Much as i have a critical view of the tenements that were hastily built during the “Gründerzeit” Era, the answer to the problem clearly was not to give investors, city planners, and technocrats free-hand without consulting those who were to have the dubious pleasure to reside, or no longer be able to afford to reside in the fine new erections. The 19th Century tenements, far from being the architectural gems many starry eyed idealist would have us believe they are, were inferior to begin with, and have been ravaged by war, mildew, wear and tear, and downright neglect. On the other hand, the “new” buildings planned often lacked charm and human scale. The population also feared, and history has proven them justified herein, that civic virtues were to be sacrificed to monetary interest.

Wikimedia Commons image Henne_charlottenburger_ziegenhof_berlin.pngImage: Henne_charlottenburger_ziegenhof_berlin.png. By: Babewyn. Creative Commons license: CC BY-SA.

Please feel free to visit, pet the goats, play table tennis in the orchard, or just watch the the Burgundy snails bred on the premises, race up and down the raised flower and vegetable beds

Wikimedia Commons image Weinbergschnecke ziegenhof charltnbg 150427.pngImage: Weinbergschnecke_ziegenhof_charltnbg_150427.png. By: Babewyn. Creative Commons license: CC BY-SA.

Entry through the (unassuming) gate way to the yard of Danckelmannstr. 16, Berlin-Charlottenburg. It is free and open to the public. Donations and volunteering are welcome.

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