creoles, and syncretisms

From the Pressure Cooker of Civilization

… maybe it was because i was a multi-lingual kid, or it was just quirk, but i was always keenly aware of how language and beliefs blended more or less smoothly into one another even (or especially) though the speakers and believers were loath to see the interaction they had with those they perceived as “the others” …

nullThe Nation of Gods and Earths: the Nation of Islam, the Black Panthers, Malcom X and Louis Farrakhan were concepts to me from my time growing up in the US. While listening to an MP3 of a talk by Prof. Angela Davis, whom i have revered since i first saw her speak in the mid-1980’s, and the Afro-American musician Nas, i stumbled across the concept “Nation of Gods and Earths”. As i read it struck me how many elements from other contexts i recognized in the system of beliefs.

I just wanted to pass it along for other folks interesting in language, “small-c” culture, and social justice, and anyone else who like me is trying to “get it”.

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Angela Davis and musician Nas talk with Dr. James Peterson as part of Lehigh University’s event: “The Incarcerated Justice Series: Civil Rights in the 21st Century.”

“Incarcerated Justice”: Angela Davis and Nas — Moderated by Dr. James Peterson 3-10-2014 from Lehigh IMRC on Vimeo.

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