a familiar

To some it may be the black cat

… i’m very fond of these beautiful, synanthropic birds. Not only are they fascinating to watch, but they make good conversation partners when the moon isn’t around to listen …

cordvus cornix Nebelkrähe Berlin Tiergarten

“[Corvus cornix] is so similar in morphology and habits to the carrion crow (Corvus corone) that for many years they were considered by most authorities to be geographical races of one species. Hybridization observed where their ranges overlapped added weight to this view. However, since 2002, the hooded crow has been elevated to full species status … ” [Wikipedia Article: “Hooded crow“]

This animal was photographed near Tiergartenufer, in the Große Tiergarten in Berlin.

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… and i just couldn’t resist sharing this wikimedia image of a balcony in Warsaw …
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