Ello-Bashing is all the rage this season …
What’s ello?

I poured out my heart to one of the senior ello members, who was very supportive, and had a very honest view of the pros and cons of ello, and so since ello-bashing is so very en vogue in the first quarter of 2015, and i have never been one to pick on the little guy, i will ad an up-note to my critique of ello.

… one does find lovely little tidbits of odd (okay i will say the word!) “creative” work that are well worth puting-up with the Hippsters for …

Here for example! (A repost of Pip&Pop’s collaboration with Romance was Born.).

A re-post of Pip&Pop's collaboration with Romance Was Born

Image © Pip&Pop. Click here for art’s web-site and more hot pastel madness.

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