Terror Owl

The “Terror” Owl of Purmerend, Netherlands.

This impressive bird has flown some 50 “attacks” on pedestrians in a small town recently.

He was captured yesterday and is being temporarily held in captivity. No one knows for sure why he flies at people. One suggestion is that he was raised in captivity, and suspects humans may have food. *

My aunt who then worked for a wildlife sanctuary once reared an abandoned great horned owl chick. As an adult bird it lived in a large pine behind the house. It never came down unless my Aunt called it. Animals are all different from one another, however.

* Süddeutsche Zeitung: “Der “Terror-Uhu” ist geschnappt”. In: sueddeutsche.de (Panorama, Home, Wissen, Tiere) On: 14 Mar 2015. URL: http://www.sueddeutsche.de/panorama/gewalttaetige-eule-in-den-niederlanden-der-terror-uhu-ist-geschnappt-1.2393570 On: 14 Mar 2015. Last viewed: 15 Mar 2015. Last viewed: 15 Mar 2015.

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