Wee Sabatical at the social media platform

The nausea of positive thinking.

except from a conversation on

Image: Except from a conversation on (my baffled question below – retort above)

I left Facebook because of ideological issues, in fact i was prohibited by their administrator from accessing my account because i insisted on using my own name, and did not feel the necessity to up-load a copy of my personal identification to reassure them that i am called what i am called as they requested (click here for screen-shot of original FB request.).

I had hoped to encounter a platform less steeped in contemporary ideology than America’s most aggressive social media platform. What i found at ello however was utter subjectivity and extraneous omphaloskepsis with an unexpectedly high BWQ (buzzword-quotient – a word i learned in this context). My first indication that i may have taken a wrong turn was when a young man confided in me he had “taken a luxury apartment [he] could hardly afford” in order to “follow his dreams, and be able to be more creative.” Perhaps such undistilled social media interactions are just not form me …

Characteristic i most definitely lack (apropos BWQ): positive thinking, being a geek/nerd, a designer, or an artist, an interest in exploring my “self”, or the belief that i of all people was likely to grasp “reality”, “the truth” or “the facts” with-in my own life-time, and creativity of a sort the requires a luxury apartment for its realization.

Blimey, what an inflated lot! … and i thought i was overly convinced of myself.

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