Kumpelnest 3000

Old Brass of the Punk and Post-Punk era

The “Kumpelnest 3000” was established 1979 in what was once a bordello, as were many of the localities in North Schöneberg around Winterfeldtplatz and Potsdamerstraße. It remains largely unchanged, and is still well frequented.

Kumpelnest 3000, Berlin-Schöneberg Feb 2015

For further Reading:

  • This is a grand picture blog on WordPress documenting some of what remains of a once vibrant red-light district before gentrification.
  • And here is a paper in German in PDF-format from 2007, by Christiane Howe and Milena Sunnus, “Nachbarschaft und Straßen-Prostitution: Konfliktlinien und Lösungsansätzte im Raum rundum die Kurfürstenstraße” about the history and civic politics of the neighborhood that touches on poverty, sex-work, migration, exploitation, and profiteering over the past 50 or so years.

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