Vignette Nr. 4

Vignette Nr. 4

Babewyn just totally lost his cool.
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Couple of weeks ago i had sex with this guy (30). He wears high heals when he gets fisted. Fun-and-games for pervy ol’ me!
All the while he seems apologetic about the whole bit, though i am having a great time. I even get to try on the size 10 black stilettos! (I don’t e-e-even try to walk in them, i have sh_tty ankles.)
He makes sure to tell me he “would never want to wear women’s lingerie, or anything like that.” I am horny – i ignore the comment. Besides he doesn’t seem a bad sort, just a bit shy.
Today he confides in me in an on-line chat. Some guy wanted him to wear lingerie, and he did it, an liked it. Now he is “scared” he is going to “become TV”.


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  • Aunt B. hits the roof: What the fuck? Are you prejudiced?
    What a bunch of messed-up macho-shit.
    Are you something better because you are a fist-queen? All of a great sudden there are better and worse kinds of perverts, or what?
    Maybe you should find yourself a chick, knock her up, slap her around on a regular basis, and rape your kids like truly good people of this world.
    C’mon, that is so wack!
  • Ding-Dong How come your pissed-off?
  • B. I think it is a shame that you waste so little thought on what desire is about. I have friends who put on women’s cloths for any number of reasons.
    A grown man, who has had my hand up his ass, and who has had at least enough sex in his life that he is HIV+, is telling me he does not want to be “TV” as if those two letters summed it all up, and as if that were something disgusting, horrible, and unmentionable.
    When did gay men become such intolerant, uncaring people?
  • Ding-Dong Lets just drop it. You have no right to vent on me. I am not a little child.
  • B. Yes, you are.

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