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Expressing my misgiving while once again dickering with a fellow blogger on-line.

cui bono? CharlieWhen i was a teen, every gay man was considered a potential child-molester (frankly we still are – just no one says it anymore). Have you ever tried to prove you are not a child-molester or to prove yourself innocent of anything else for that matter? Nigh on impossible.

My Muslim (none more religious than i) friends and colleagues, and i sat around the table this afternoon shaking our heads over the headlines. Some of them virtually in tears with frustration at why the “Islamic” aspect of radical political Islam is being emphasized above the “radical” and the “political” aspect, calling on each and every one of them to prove they were not terrorist or at the very least condone Islamistic terror.

Cui bono, Charlie?

Oxford Prof. Dr Tariq Ramadan puts it very concisely in this interview with Al Jazeera, English.

My misgivings that what Prof. Ramadan is calling the “Islamization” of social and political problems could be a means of oiling the wheels of the far right in Europe and the West is nicely corroborated in another again Al Jazeera (sadly, one of the few international English-language online dailies that attempts a broad, and in depth view of the current world conflict) article by Remi Piet: A defining moment for the French right, Only France’s extreme right will profit from the deaths of the satirists who challenged the established.