Put a Nickle in the Drum

Bilerico Project’s Bil Browning tells us not to give to the Salvation Army

· Ol’ Babewyn wonders what all the flurry is about ·

To all of those with whom i work to achieve common goals, who derive their strength to persevere from their faith, some of whom i flatter myself to call friends. You are all aware of my sharp tongue and my often contrary convictions, and are equally aware that i have worked and will work together gladly on projects we both believe in. We have exchanged words on our differences, and are well aware of our common goals. I will not question your validation to preach the gospel, and i known you in return will cast a blind eye on my jousting at windmills.

coat of arms of the Salvation ArmyA Christian organization would be less than compliant in matters of broadening confines of sexual morality? What shocking news!

In fact, if you wish to be consequential about supporting peoples rights to determine for themselves how they view their bodies, their sexual interaction with others, and their reproductive behavior with out the ballast of religious preconceptions that are more or less non-debatable (and in spite of contemporary attempts to make it appear otherwise, the Abrahamitic religions are pretty specific on the topic of patriarchy, and sex and the body as a threat to social order and proper living,) … yes, if we indeed are serious about redefining the limits of gender and sexual propriety, it would make a certain amount of sense to examine the prudence of reveling in the birth of a son (and not a daughter or a child that is neither or both) to a woman whose primary claim to fame is having been a person who had yet to have had sex. The son in turn is reputed to have come to take away the “sin” of the world, which in as much as Christianity, Judaism and Islam are utterly obsessed with the matter, is to a very large extent defined as (in their view) undesirable behavior of a sexual nature. Singing the praises of such a prophet doesn’t bode well for our quest for a less hysterical view of our reproductive organs and the employment there of. (regardless of the fact that there is little record of his own disproportionate fascination with the topic)

Merry What-Ever! You may as well put a nickle in the drum, if you are going to celebrate this sort of thing, that doesn’t butter the parsnips.

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