Antilopen Gang – Beate Zschäpe* hört U2

You need to know a little about contemporary German headlines to get this, but the basic idea is clear.

The Right-Wing trend has got us too.

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* Since 8 November 2011, the German Right-Wing extremist, Beate Zschäpe (born: 2 January 1975 in Jena, Germany as Beate Apel) has been held in custody. On 11 November 2011, the Office of the Attorney General of Germany started investigations because of Zschäpe’s supposed membership of a terrorist unit. On 8 November 2012, one year after the series of murders became known, the Office of the Attorney General pressed charges against Zschäpe and four alleged supporters. “As a founding member of the NSU …”, she was accused of having taken part in the murders of eight fellow citizens of Turkish origin and one fellow citizen of Greek origin, in the murderous attack on two police officers in Heilbronn, as well as in the attempted murders by bomb attacks of the NSU in the historic district of Cologne and in Cologne-Müllheim.
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