According to Bilerico Project, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) will be endorsing "Pre–Exposure [HIV] Prophylaxis" with Truvada®*

The cost of a once-daily regime of Truvada® is approx. US$1,367.70 – US$1,594.05/month**. Though it is a very effective anti-retroviral therapy (ART), no insurer in their right mind would cover providing this costly medication, with serious undesirable side-effects to people without a diagnosed HIV infection, making the use of this medication as a form of HIV-prophylaxis (as opposed to as a way of managing an actual infection) the exclusive prerogative of very well-to-do individuals.

Creative Commons Image: Pigalle, by Ricardo Martins from Gent, Belgium. License Type: (BY) How ’bout universal health care providing ART for everyone with HIV?! Keeping CD4 high, and virus-counts low benefits everyone, reducing the spread of HIV. PreEP only benefits the HRC’s well-off target group.

The Game: Pop a pill before your down with us low-income, high-risk hoes, so you can go back to your up-tight, lying, moneyed people and no-one is the wiser.

The sex-workers providing the services get left with the entire liability. It is a very efficient, and profitable way of doing business, but deeply immoral, causing a break down in civic morale which in the end effects the safety and livelihood of all parts of society, including your spiffy neighborhoods, and up-scale work-places, Miss HRC!

Keep it up, but you always have to pay the piper. We’ll talk when when this mess blows its lid. You’ll know where to find me, you always have. I’ll be over here on my knees doin’ my job.



Creative Commons Image: Pigalle, by Ricardo Martins from Gent, Belgium. License Type: (BY)

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