Netiquette / advanced settings

Gradient Lair offers a quick #netiquette with an eye toward #intersectionalities.

She writes …

"Want to be an awesome blog subscriber to blogs that are partially or completely about critical theories, womanism, feminism, humanism or any anti-oppression theory and praxis? It’s not hard at all! Here’s some tips:"*

… and goes on to name six simple steps to becoming a better #blogsubscriber.

i am guilty of point "5)  Don’t move from complimenting to #tonepolicing." – in my case calling attention to standard language usage and syntax, the lack of which making a text virtually unreadable to standard language speakers. In hind-sight i concede, perhaps the text was not intended to be read by speakers of “standard”. It won’t happen again.

* Trudy (blogger), “How To Appropriately Engage With Blogs That Have Anti-Oppression Related Content”. On: Gradient Lair. Published: 13. Aug 2013. URL: Last viewed: 08 Oct 2014.