Magnus – a “grace note”

Yes, Magnus would have liked it

But how do i feel about it?

thinking about the apparent gay “rise” into the establishment

Hey-ya! Thanks for the like on the M.-Hirschfeld-Ufer bit.

The entire matter is somewhat bitter-sweet.

remember ‘discovering’ #Hirschfeld for myself in the early #80’s, and being thoroughly aghast that “#gay #rights” as we were calling it back then, had not spontaneously shot out of the ground in front of the #StoneWallInn in 1969 but that there was an entire series of developments dating back several hundred years that lead first to the definition of ‘sex’ as a concept in #Westernsociety, then to a #medicalizationofsex (of which Hirschfeld is a prime example), and the gradual shift toward individual (self-)identification along these newly drawn boundaries of #sexualbehavior, culminating after the Second World War in the formation of a group identity who then adapted the language and resistance strategies of the US #CivilRightsMovement in order to advocate decriminalization, and destigmatization. And now nearly half a century later, we see the spoils of the gay-mens’ right movement being divided up between political interest groups new and old, and economic agents like the service and commodities industries. The initial grass roots social justice and civil rights focus has given way to show-case campaigns of little or no relevance to the broader population not living the nuclear family model such as ‘#gaymarriage’ or ‘#gaysinthemilitary’ (#USmilitary), as well as endless diatribes on the virtue of monogamy and safer-sex.

A #MagnusHirschfeldUfer brought to you by a broad coalition of all of the large political parties from the Social-Democrats to the Christian-Union, as well as by influential would be lGbti advocacy groups, and even representatives of trade and industry is a real surprise to me when i think back to the general, public disinterest #LGBTI issues faced only two or so decades ago. I am of course grateful for the public forum, and at the same time i watch helplessly while those whose lives the movement of the 1960’s / 70’s was (also) meant to benefit: the non- #middleclass, #singleparents, #sexworkers, non- #genderconformist, non-white, non-male people and so on are being shaken off by the more market, media, and politically opportune heirs of the very movement that was started by people like them.

Volunteering weekly for an organization (#SubWay, #HilfefürJungs e.V.) that provides services, and counselling for young #malesexworkers, i see exploitation and abuse similar to what is described in the Stone Wall Inn documentaries, #policeharassment, indigence, #publicstigmatization, lack of political, legal and social advocacy, #substanceabuse, limited or no access to basic public amenities like #healthcare, #joblessness insurance, #publichousing etc. With our boys, it is as if the #StoneWallRiots, and the ensuing decades never happened. And the sad irony is, the first to point fingers and stigmatize them are the well-off, middle-aged and senior #gaymen that live in the now posh up-scale newly renovated neighborhoods that have come up around the old #hustlerbars.

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