Mugwump could become the word of the next political era.

In "Bring Back the Mugwumps" David Frum calls for a reform-minded conservative dissent.

i  could not agree less with Frum’s political school of thought, but his description of the current, domestic political climate in the US, and what he sees as the antidote, is as enlightened as it is simple. With minimal adjustments, this article could easily have been written about the political situation in Germany and the EU as well. Coming from a non-conservative “side of the aisle”, to use Frum’s phrase, i endorse his course of action for the Left as well.

Frum askes the question:

How are we to develop answers to these problems of tomorrow if in our minds it is forever 1969?

… how indeed!?

* Frum, David: "Bring Back the Mugwump". In: the Atlantic (Magazine, the Washington Ideas Forum). Jan/Feb 2010. Last viewed: 04 Oct 2014.